history & about us

Established in 1976, Trinidad Aggregate Product Limited (TAP) is one of the leading producers of clay products in the Caribbean region. We are situated in Longdenville in the Borough of Chaguanas on 44 acres of land. Longdenville is one of the few places in Trinidad where the finest clays are found and are utilized in our manufacture of world-class products. We produce and market an extensive range of Clay products - HOLLOCLAY building blocks, decorative/ventilation blocks, Lifetime Creations (glazed and unglazed) clay paver tiles as well as (glazed and unglazed) clay roof tiles.

With our commitment to quality, in 1998, we received our certification from the Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards for maintaining a quality management system in compliance with ISO standards. We have embraced a strict customer satisfaction and quality assurance philosophy aimed at maintaining superior service standards and an excellent product quality. Commissioned in early 2002, our Tile Plant is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean with an annual production capacity of 550,000 sq. m. The Tile Plant is adjacent to the block factory in Longdenville.

company policy

It is the policy of Trinidad Aggregate Products Limited (TAP) to establish and maintain a reputation for consistently delighting customers with products and services of high quality.

To achieve this objective TAP will commit the necessary resources to establish and maintain an efficient and effective quality system which conforms to the requirements of the ISO 9001-2008 standard. Everyone in the company must participate and is responsible for quality improvement.

The company is committed to a continuous and dynamic quality improvement process. Measurable quality objectives will be regularly set and deliberate actions taken towards their achievement.

mission statement

To be the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of competitive high quality clay products.

To serve and delight our customers locally, regionally and internationally.

To reward our stakeholders through the optimisation of human, technological, financial and natural resources.