“Lifetime Creations” is pleased to introduce our timeless unglazed “Classic” range. Available as “Caroni” (terracotta), “Caroni Dark”, “Peach” and “Flash”, these enduringly beautiful tiles have been available for many years. First handcrafted by expert artisans from the rich clays of the Caroni Plain, these tiles have traditionally been applied in outdoor settings. Their distinctive natural beauty however makes them a wise choice for the discerning homeowner/decorator. With its subtle tonal variations and colours, the “Classic” series complements any décor and completes the look of any room- casual or formal.

Thicker, stronger, enduringly practical and hardwearing, these tiles are ideal for use in driveways, garages, kitchens, patios and commercial installations. Our “Classic” series provides a delicate balance between functionality and reassuring warmth that is hard to find in other floor coverings.

Now extruded and moulded/ cut into a variety of shapes/formats, the “Classic” series makes for ease of installation and “cleaner”, thinner grout lines- so whether remodeling a patio or giving your favorite space a warm, natural Caribbean look/feel, these are the tiles for you.

Note: Terracotta tiles while smooth in nish are nevertheless considered “rustic” and are therefore subject to chips and minor imperfections. Any blemishes tend to be more noticeable on the smooth finish of terracotta but over time, these oors will mature to imbue a worn weathered appeal as they add a special character to your next design project.